ever since hearing about the possibility of a new album and a box set i have been anxiously scouring the internet for tidbits of information. will we see either of these projects come to fruition in the new year? will they be released on vinyl?

At the moment, Mute have the boxset scheduled for April. Unfortunately it’s CD only.

I hope the new album will be available on vinyl, but we’re still working away on it at the moment. 


Sorry this isn't a question but thanks for the quick response to my mondo 77 question. You guys are really something special, your own style, your own niche. Looking forward to your future works.

Thankyou very much!


Can I get a copy of the song "I Am Looper" anywhere?

That one is called, “Ballad of Ray Suzuki”. If you can’t find it anywhere at the moment it will be back on iTunes etc in April.


Hey Looper!!!!Newest and biggest fan. i just found out about you guys and fell in love with your beats. Do you know where i can find the instrumental version of Mondo 77 without vocals Francis Macdonald (and not the 8-bit version)? Keep up the great work.

Hi, It’s always nice to hear from a new fan. The only version of Mondo 77 without vocals is the 8-bit version. (Those vocals don’t seem to be popular at all). 


Didn't Looper have a song that sampled Lou Reed's "Walk On the Wild Side"? Or am I just crazy?

No, we didn’t do that. There’s maybe a bass in Columbo’s Car that sounds a bit like it…

Any way to get EP #1, 2, & 3 any more? I would love to have them.

They’ll be included in the Mute boxset which will be coming out this year.

Where are we now?

Just before Christmas, we finished working on our remix for “That’s Thrift” which should be coming out sometime in February, I think. It was another 8-bit piece, in the same style as the remix we did for Tim Burgess earlier in the year. It gave us a little break from the album- and I found a way in doing it to mix the Vox organ with an 8-bit arrangement and not have it clash, which was something new again.

I’d been working a bit too long on the recording of a new Looper song called “Let it Go” before starting the remix, and it gave me some much-needed distance from that. It fell into place quite easily when I returned to it.

Since then, I’ve mostly been arranging and recording a spoken word piece called “Off-Grid: Off-Line” which has become quite central to the album. Initially it was called “The Fall of Elliot Grey”, but it’s developed a little bit in the working, and the full version is eight and a half minutes long. It was a tricky job arranging a minimalist set up of just piano, cello, double bass and shaker for such a long piece; trying to keep it interesting, but I’m happy with it now.

At the moment, I’m thinking it very well might up as the title track. Musically, it brings a lot of the melodic motifs from the album together, and it’s really awakened my interest in spoken word again. Its certainly the longest Looper song we’ve ever recorded. Hopefully, the rest will all just fall into place now…

I absolutely adore your spoken word pieces, please do more! Some of my favorite B&S tracks are stories of yours and are what led me to your novels and to looper. As far as your voice goes I can say that some of your American fans find your Scottish accent delightful. Several copies of Fans Only sold just to hear the B&S members speak for an hour...

Thankyou very much. Working on this new spoken word piece has felt a bit like a homecoming- and made me realize I’ve been neglecting something.

Hopefully more will follow… Thanks for the kind words.

I'd love it if you'd redo some of the old songs where the words wound up something of a murmur under the music. It's beautiful music - but the words...! Any chance? Columbo's Car and Impossible Things 2, two of my faves.

Do you find the words hard to hear on those recordings? Im always so uncomfortable about the voice that I think they sound way too loud.

Hi Stuart, Like your insight into your song creation with the post "Songs and Stories". Honestly, the spoken word in your songs was my main attraction to Looper in the first place. "Impossible Things #2" is still a favorite song of mine after so many years (sorry, being a photographer I know it's hard to look back when you want to move forward). Even songs on "Then Snare" that I like are more spoken word than traditional singing. They do give weight. Best of luck, Michael Schmitt

Thanks, Michael. Your message is really appreciated. I’ve always done the spoken word pieces on a sort of faith-in-other-people’s-opinion basis, because I’m so uncomfortable about them. So it’s always a great help to get some feedback on them.